Fostering Success Program Logo

The Fostering Success Program at CSU is a donor funded community of about 250 students from independent backgrounds and CSU faculty/staff volunteers that provide scholarships, fun events, academic support, and many other resources to Rams.


Utilizing a solution focused approach, we provide academic, financial, personal, and career support. By co-constructing a web of resources, students create an empowered and confident community working toward graduation.


The Fostering Success Program builds a sense of belonging and support among independent students to foster growth and success in college and beyond.


Grounded in CSU’s Principles of Community, FSP is mindful of systems of oppression and trauma that independent students endure. We intentionally support the multiple intersecting identities within our community, including and not limited to: age, culture, different ideas and perspectives, disability, ethnicity, first generation status, familial status, gender identity and expression, geographic background, marital status, national origin, race, religious and spiritual beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, physical appearance, medical diagnosis, documentation status, and veteran status with special attention given to populations historically underrepresented or excluded from participation in higher education.  


Fostering Success Program invites CSU students who experienced one or more of the following independent backgrounds between the ages of 13-23 years old to be part of FSP: 

  • foster care
  • dependent or ward of the court 
  • orphan status (both parents deceased) 
  • unaccompanied minor 
  • legal guardianship or living with a relative other than your biological parents 
  • homeless or at risk of being homeless without the presence of parents/guardian 
  • legally emancipated